Foreign Languages and Seminars

Foreign Languages
To obtain a Physics degree, knowing a foreign language, namely English, French or German, is mandatory. The required level of knowledge is determined by the ability to translate a text in Greek, so as to prove familiarity with the structure of the foreign language and with the basic terminology of Physics. Such a level may be reached through a teaching program of four hours weekly, for a total of four semesters.
Upon registration, the students must select a foreign language of their preference. Depending on the level of previous knowledge, they may follow foreign language courses or even directly take examinations, which are carried out twice a year (in May and December).

Seminars are organized on a regular basis and cover subjects of current research activity in Physics. Presentations are given by members of the academic staff of our Department, as well as by invited scientists from national and foreign Research Centers and Universities. Their aim is to keep our Department informed and provide new ideas and motivation for research.
The seminars are addressed both to the academic staff and the students of our Department To encourage students' attendance, effort is being placed in including an "introductory" part even in highly specialized presentations.