Postgraduate programme in Applied Telecommunications


The Postgraduate programme in Telecommunication Applications (TILEF) was established in September 2004 with the responsibility of the Department of Physics of University of Ioannina and in collaboration with the Department of Telematics of the Techonogical & Educational Institute of Epirus.

The goal of the Postgraduate programme is to provide education and training in modern telecommunication applications for graduates with a B.Sc. degree in Physics, Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering and other relevant disciplines of Greek Universities or Technological & Educational Institutes.

The tutors are members of the faculty University of Ioannina, the National Technical University of Athens, the Technological & Educational Institute of Epirus and researchers of the Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology of EKEFE DIMOKRITOS.

First Semester: Digital Electronics , P. Kostarakis, Theory of Noise , P. Kostarakis, Architecture of Microprocessors , P. Kostarakis, Assembly Language (Motorola and ATMEL) , P. Kostarakis, Microprocessors Laboratory , P. Kostarakis , Analogue Telecommunications , K. Dagakis - A. Alexandridis , Telecommunications Networks , N. Mitrou, Computer Networks , K. Aggelis , Theory of Analogue and Digital Filters , K. Aggelis , Signals and Systems , A. Liras - S. Foulias, Digital Electronics Laboratory and Applications , P. Kostarakis, Digital Communications Theory and Applications, L. Ivrissimtzis

Second semester: Analogue Electronics , P. Kostarakis, Optical Communications , P. Kostarakis , Designing of Digital Circuits with CPLD , P. Kostarakis , Mobile Communications , K. Dagakis - A. Alexandridis , Management and Safety of Networks , N. Mitrou - X. Mpasios , Signal Processing (Theory) , N. Antoniadis , Analogue Electronic Laboratory and Applications , P. Kostarakis , CPLD Laboratory , P. Kostarakis , Transmission Lines , D. Katsanos, Designing of High-frequency circuits (RF) , L. Ivrissimtzis , Antennas, L. Ivrissimtzis

Third semester : Digital Signal Processing Laboratory , L. Ivrissimtzis , Microwaves , L. Ivrissimtzis
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