Postgraduate programme in New Technologies and in Research in Physics Education

The aim of this Program is the research and concentration in the Didactics of Physics, according to international standards. Emphasis is placed in using new technology in educational processes related to both Classical Physics and fields of modern research. The Program combines new technologies, tele-learning methods and modern educational techniques to instruct Physics teachers and enhance their perception of basic notions of Physics.
Graduates of Natural Science Disciplines (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technical Schools, Medicine etc.) of Greek and foreign Universities and Technical Institutes may be admitted in the Programme to obtain a M.Sc. degree in "Didactics of Physics using New Technologies and Methods".
The studies may extend from two to four semesters, during which students attend courses and write their M.Sc. dissertation.
First Semester: Didactic Methodology of Physics I, Basic Physics Subjects I, Teaching theories, Educational Research Methodology, Pedagogical Psychology.
Second Semester: Didactic Methodology of Physics II, Basic Physics Subjects II, Modern Technologies in Education, Development of distance learning methods, Experiments in Physics.
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