Section of Theoretical Physics (ΙI)

Academic Staff

  Name Title Research Interests
  Tamvakis Kyriakos Professor Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics
  Evangelou Spyros Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
  Batakis Nikolaos Professor Unified Cosmological Theories
  Vagionakis Kon/nos Professor Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics - Cosmology
  Manesis Evangelos Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics
  Leondaris Georgios Professor Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics
  Perivolaropoulos Leandros Associate Professor Theoretical Physics - Cosmology
  Kosmas Theocharis Associate Professor Theoretical Nuclear Physics
  Rizos Ioannis Associate Professor Director of the Section , Deputy Head of Department,  Theoretical High Energy Physics
  Throumoulopoulos Georgios Associate Professor Theoretical Plasma Physics
  Kanti Panagiota Associate Professor Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics, Cosmology
  Dedes Athanasios Associate Professor heoretical Elementary Particles Physics
  Kolasis Charalambos Assistant Professor Gravity - General Relativity Theory
  Triandafyllopoulos Ilias Lecturer Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics

Technical & Administrative Staff
Fouza Fofo , Secretary

A΄ Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
B΄ Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Research Activities
Research interests in the field of Theoretical Elementary Particles Physics include modern Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry, Superstring theories and Unification of Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology.

Members of the academic staff are involved in Theoretical Nuclear Physics (nucleon-nucleon interactions, ββ-decay etc.) , Plasma Physics (fusion plasma equilibrium and stability, magneto-hydrodynamics of plasma relaxation etc.) as well as Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

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