Section of Astrogeophysics (Ι)

Academic Staff

  Name Title Research Interests


Alissandrakis Constantinos Professor Solar and Space Physics
  Bartzokas Aristides Associate Professor Meteorology and Climatology
  Kassomenos Pavlos Associate Professor Director of the Section, Physics of the Atmospheric Environment
  Nindos Alexandros Assistant Professor Solar and Space Physics
  Hatzianastassiou Nikolaos Assistant Professor Meteorology and Climatology
  Patsourakos Spyridon Assistant Professor Plasma Physics of the Sun and of the interplanetary medium
  Lolis Christos Lecturer Physics of the Atmospheric Environment - Meteorology - Climatology

IDAX Staff
Vlachou Spyridoula, Secretary

Laboratory of Astronomy
Laboratory of Meteorology

Research Activities

The academic staff of the Laboratory of Astronomy is involved in studies of stars with chromospheric activity and brilliant stars, using ROSAT observations at the far ultraviolet. Research is also carried out in Solar and Space Physics, as well as in the field of Sun-Earth interaction.

In the Laboratory of Meteorology, research concerns most of the phenomena in the fields of Meteorology, Climatology and Physics of the Atmospheric Environment, as well as their spatial and temporal evolution. Focus is placed on local and wide-scale climatic variations. Investigations are also performed on the long transport and budget of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and other pollutants in Greece, the Mediterranean and SE Europe. Other activities include the study of the hydrological budget and hydrological cycle, the total infrared and disperse solar radiation as well as bio-meteorological issues.

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